Nina tested many hair vitamins – this one gave her the desired result

You can improve your hair from within – hairdresser Nina Angvik Mathisen has relied on the dietary supplement Hair Luxious for several years.

Healthy, strong and beautiful hair starts with the right nutrition from within, even though it is also influenced by external factors. Cold, dry winter weather can take a toll on even the thickest locks of hair, and the same goes for stress and strains on the body.

If you dream of a healthy and strong mane of hair, you must ensure you get enough of the right vitamins for healthy hair.

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Achieve healthier and stronger hair with Hair Luxious

Nina Angvik Mathisen is a hairdresser, and she has been using the hair vitamin Hair Luxious from Norwegian Good For Me for several years.

“I used to take pure B-vitamin supplements, but Hair Luxious is made up of several vitamins and minerals. One example is biotin, which is known to help maintain hair growth,” says the hairdresser.

She tested Hair Luxious for the first time before selling it in her salon, Perfect Hair, located in Briskeby, Oslo. During a period of stress, she experienced hair loss herself, and since then, she has been using the dietary supplement vitamin tablets for hair from Good For Me.

“I quickly experienced a good result, and I’m very satisfied. With Hair Luxious, I feel that my hair has become healthier and stronger.”

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Stress can lead to hair loss

It’s normal to lose around 100 to 150 strands of hair a day, but sometimes, this can increase. Some people may experience increased hair loss after tough periods or strains on the body.

“Shedding often occurs three months after the event. If you know you’re going through a stressful period, whether it’s exams or heavy work, you should start using Hair Luxious well in advance,” Nina suggests.

This is Hair Luxious

Each Hair Luxious capsule contains 25 vegan vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that are especially beneficial for hair and the body. Some of the active ingredients include:

Biotin: Contributes to normal hair growth

Copper: Contributes to normal pigmentation of skin and hair

Selenium and zinc: Maintain hair

Vitamin B12 and iron: Play a role in the cell division process

Hair Luxious is available for both men and women

Hair Luxious – a complete hair vitamin

A balanced diet is important to maintain resilient and healthy hair. Foods like whole-grain bread, eggs, cheese, fruit, vegetables, white meat and fish are essential sources of nutrients that are ideal to promote strong hair. However, it can be challenging to eat healthily in everyday life. That’s why we’ve developed the dietary supplement Hair Luxious, which is a complete multivitamin for hair.

While Hair Luxious cannot replace a healthy diet, it can ensure that you get all the nutrients your hair needs – even during busy periods.

 “I take Hair Luxious to make sure I get everything that’s good for my hair. In addition, I eat and live healthily. You have to make the best of what you have and create the best possible foundation for a good life,” says Nina.

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Nina’s five tips for beautiful hair

1. Nutrition from within:

Healthy and strong hair withstands external stresses better. Fill up on the best vitamins for hair growth such as biotin, selenium, zinc and other vitamins and minerals. You can find all of these in Hair Luxious hair vitamins.

2. Moisture for the hair is important

Dry hair is often caused by a lack of moisture. Use leave-in products, spray conditioners or a good oil to lock in moisture. Choose lightweight products with plenty of nourishment and moisture.

3. Take care of the scalp

Many people think they have dandruff, but it may simply be a dry scalp. Use a scrub and give your scalp a gentle massage. This increases blood circulation promoting healthy hair growth and glossy hair.

4. Heat tools can dry out the hair

Be careful not to overuse hair dryers and remember to use heat-protective products. This is especially important for bleached hair.

5. Protect your hair in the cold

Wear a hat and tuck the hair that’s outside into the hat or inside your jacket. When it’s cold, your hair becomes dry – you can add more moisture with shampoos and conditioners that contain extra hydration.

You can get Hair Luxious at pharmacies – and at the hair salon

The dietary supplement, Hair Luxious, is among the bestsellers at Good For Me. It has no known side effects, is vegan, free of allergens and is not tested on animals. Hair Luxious hair vitamins can be purchased on Good For Me’s website, at Ditt Apotek, Vitusapotek, or selected hair salons.

“Hair Luxious is a great option for a busy everyday life, especially if you can’t manage to eat all the nutrients your hair and body need,” concludes the hairdresser – before welcoming the next customer.

Do as Nina and thousands of others have – try Hair Luxious yourself.