How Hair Luxious provides your hair with the right nourishment and vitamins

With the Hair Luxious hair care series, we have made it easier for you to ensure you have more beautiful, stronger and healthier hair.

For most of us, our hair plays a significant role in our appearance. This means that damaged, thin and dry hair can pose challenges on our beautiful hair goals. One of the reasons for these issues can be a lack of proper nutrition in our daily diet.

 That’s why the essence of all our products in the Hair Luxious series is that they contain the essential vitamins, minerals and natural extracts your hair needs.

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Hair Luxious – developed for your hair

 With Hair Luxious, you get the best of both worlds:

  •   Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner nourishes and repairs dry and damaged hair.

In other words, this is the perfect hair care series for those who want thicker, healthier and stronger locks.

 You can find Hair Luxious at select pharmacies and hair salons. However, the easiest way to get your hands on these products for healthy hair is to subscribe to Hair Luxious – that way, you can be sure you’ll never run out.

Why Hair Vitamins Are So Important for Your Hair

Meeting the needs for hair vitamins and minerals

 It can be challenging to keep track of which minerals and vitamins your hair needs. To make it easy for you, here are some of the ingredients in Hair Luxious vegan multivitamin.

 Hair Luxious dietary supplement

In Hair Luxious dietary supplements, you get over 20 vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that are beneficial for both you and your hair. Among these are:

  •   Biotin: Helps maintain normal hair and skin
  •   Copper: Contributes to the normal pigmentation of the skin and hair
  •   Selenium and zinc: Contribute to maintaining normal hair
  •   B12 and iron: Play a role in the cell division process

Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner

Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner, you get ingredients that clean, nourish and strengthen your hair while providing extra shine, moisture and softer hair. This is because your hair benefits from carefully selected nutrients in these hair tablets including:

  •   Bio Capigen: Makes hair shinier and improves hair texture
  •   Soy protein: Provides moisture and combats dry skin
  •   Wheat protein: Treats dry and damaged hair and reduces hair loss
  •   Arginine: Has a soothing effect on the scalp
  •   Almond kernel oil: Softens dry and irritated scalps

Reduced hair loss with Hair Luxious

When the need for vitamins and minerals is met, those who use Hair Luxious experience increased hair growth, better hair quality and reduced hair loss.

And even though Hair Luxious makes your hair healthier and stronger, the ingredients offer several positive effects for the rest of your body as well. Two excellent examples of this are vitamin C, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, and magnesium, which helps reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Why not do what thousands of others have done before you? Listen to your hair and order Hair Luxious here!