The reason why the hair vitamin from Hair Luxious is recommended by Norwegian hairdressers

The secret behind thicker, healthier and stronger hair is good, proper care over time. Hairdressers who work with hair every day know what works and, perhaps even more importantly, what doesn’t work. Therefore, they can provide vegan multivitamin recommendations based on experience and knowledge.

Hairdresser Isabelle Calderon is the managing director of the Hendrix Hair Sentrum and Hendrix Hair Torggata salons in Oslo. She is very clear about which dietary supplement, shampoo and conditioner works best for your hair.

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Hair Luxious – hair vitamins that work!

Hair Luxious is one of the hair care lines Isabelle often encourages her customers to try.

“I have been using Hair Luxious for several years. It’s the only products in this category I recommend to my customers because I know it works,” she says.

As a hairdresser, every day she sees that the problem her customers have is that they don’t use products tailored to their specific hair type.

“I recommend Hair Luxious especially to those with thin and fine hair, but also to those who struggle with shedding and hair loss.”

This is Hair Luxious

In Hair Luxious, there are over 20 vitamins, minerals and natural extracts that are good for both you and your hair. Some of these are:

  •   Biotin: Helps maintain normal hair
  •   Copper: Contributes to normal pigmentation of skin and hair
  •   Selenium and zinc: Help maintain normal hair
  •   Vitamin B12 and iron: Play a role in the cell division process
  •   Hair Luxious is available for both men and women

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The nutrients your hair needs

It is important to have a varied and healthy diet, but it can be challenging to keep track of what you are consuming and whether you meet your daily needs. In such cases, a dietary supplement packed with vitamins good for hair growth ensures you get the vitamins and minerals your hair needs can be a smart choice.

“This is a well-known challenge. Even if you think you eat healthy, unfortunately, it’s not always the case that you get what you need,” says Isabelle.

And this is precisely one of the advantages of Hair Luxious – just two tablets a day are enough to ensure you get the most important minerals and vitamins for thinning hair.

“When I tried Hair Luxious hair vitamins before we introduced it to the salons, I saw that it worked to promote strong hair. I found that my hair grew faster and seemed stronger. Additionally, I found that even the thinnest hairs at the front became thicker and didn’t break as easily as before,” concludes a satisfied Isabelle.

Get the right nourishment and vitamins for your hair with Hair Luxious

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