“There is no doubt that diet and lifestyle affect my hair”

“I clearly notice that my hair is influenced by my everyday life,” says Hilde Viola Måkestad (25). A healthy diet, a dietary supplement on standby, and a good lifestyle have given her healthy and vibrant hair.

Influencer Hilde Viola Målestad has a busy everyday life. She studies nursing, has three jobs, and engages in strength training at least three to four times a week.

“My days are incredibly hectic, and it can sometimes be a bit stressful. Sometimes I can’t focus as much on training and the right diet as I would like, and I notice this in my hair,” she says.

Unhealthy diet affects the hair

She has experienced how important it is to eat right when the body is in motion – also for the hair.

“During hectic periods, I put extra focus on eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, and berries, especially products that contain vitamin C,” she says.

This vitamin is found in strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, cauliflower, and broccoli.

“If I eat unhealthily, I notice it quickly in my hair. Then I feel that it becomes lifeless, and I also shed more hair than usual,” she says.

The hair feels healthier

In addition to a healthy diet, Viola has been taking the Hair Luxious supplement from Good for Me for the past month. A dietary supplement cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet but can be a safety net during periods when it’s challenging to get the vitamins and minerals one needs.

“I have been taking Hair Luxious for a month now, and I already notice that my hair feels fresher and less greasy. I started seeing results after three to four weeks,” she says.

EXERCISES A LOT: Viola does strength training at least three to four days a week. She finds it is good for the body.

The newly grown hair also feels thicker.

“I have taken hair vitamins before and find it a very useful supplement to take. Then I am sure that my hair gets the vitamins it needs, and I get healthier and more beautiful hair,” she says.


Hair tablets and gummies

Hair Luxious is a dietary supplement composed of over 20 hair vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts. These are intended to help the hair stay healthy and strong.

The dietary vegan multivitamin supplement is available in both tablet form and as gummies.

Hair Luxious includes, among other things:

  • Biotin, which contributes to normal hair growth.
  • Copper, which contributes to normal pigmentation of the skin and hair.
  • Selenium and zinc, which maintain the hair.
  • B12 and iron, which play a role in the cell division process.

The product is vegan and available for both men and women.

The Hair Luxious series also includes shampoo and conditioner for both men and women.

Good hair and scalp management

Good hair products are also essential for the hair to stay beautiful and healthy. Viola chooses shampoo, oils, and leave-in products tailored to her blonde hair because she is aware that blonde hair often has fine strands and tends to need a bit of extra care.

“In addition, I use silk pillowcases when I sleep. This prevents the hair from sticking and breaking when I move my head during the night,” she says.

Almost daily, she gives herself a scalp massage to keep the blood circulation in the scalp going. This, too, is said to have a positive effect on the hair.

“Otherwise, I sleep with braids and try to avoid using hair ties too often because I know it damages the hair. A tight ponytail makes the hair break more easily,” she says.

Lost half her hair

Viola says she also notices that stress itself can affect the hair.

“For a period, I had a lot of stress, vitamin deficiency, and low thyroid function at the same time. I didn’t know I had low thyroid function at that time, but all of this led to me losing half of my hair,” she says.

EN MÅNED: Viola har brukt kosttilskuddet Hair Luxious i en måned.

ONE MONTH: Viola has been using the Hair Luxious dietary supplement for a month. Photo: Private

She could pull strands of hair from her head in the shower, and it ended with the hair becoming both thin and damaged.

“This continued until I addressed the problems. I made sure to replenish the vitamin stores in my body, took a break from work, and found out that I had low thyroid function,” she says.

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Trust yourself

It’s better now. Viola’s hair has grown longer and thicker again, but she still focuses on having less stress as well as taking vitamins for hair growth.

She knows how important it is for both the hair and the rest of the body.

Her best tip for dealing with stress is to trust yourself. Get to know yourself and your own body and don’t worry about things you can’t do anything about.

“It takes unnecessary time from life. Be positive, breathe deeply, and remember that everything always works out,” she concludes.