“No one thinks it’s okay to lose hair, which is why I recommend Hair Luxious”

Your hairdresser often notices changes in your hair before you do, and they know what it takes to make it healthy, strong, and beautiful again. That’s why Linn and Sara always recommend the Hair Luxious supplement to their clients.

The fact that hair is exposed to external and internal stressors is well known to most of us. But what many may not know are the triggers that lead to thin and lifeless hair.

“It can be poor diet, lack of nutrition, stress, medications, illnesses, age, and genetics,” says Linn Tvete-Fernando, the managing director at the two Fernando Hair Salons at Amfi Verdal.

The family business, started by her grandmother in 1960, was taken over by her mother before Linn assumed responsibility. In addition to her job, she is a mother of three, and she experienced hair loss during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

“When I breastfeed after childbirth, my hair becomes thinner. And I see many of my clients facing the same challenge.”

Colleague and hairdresser, Sara Rygh, nods and points out several additional factors affecting hair loss.

“As I tell my clients – everything you do to your hair is a strain. This especially applies to heat, hair ties, showering, brushing, styling, and chemical treatments that damage the hair strands from the inside.”

And using the wrong products on the hair and a diet lacking in vitamins good for hair and minerals can lead to…

“If your hair becomes weak and fragile because you’re not getting enough nutrients, it can lead to hair loss.”

No effect until they start with Hair Luxious

When Linn and Sara’s clients sit in the chair, they quickly notice if the client has hair challenges.

“It ranges from small to big problems. Many struggle with dry scalp; the hair can be lifeless and weak, and of course, there are those who lose it,” Sara says.

“This applies to both genders, but older women especially can become distressed when they experience thinning hair and hair loss,” Linn adds.

And when she sees clients with these types of challenges, she always recommends…

“Hair Luxious hair vitamins for healthy hair, especially if it’s about hair loss. Whether it’s due to medications or if it’s genetic, no one thinks it’s okay to lose hair. That’s why I recommend Hair Luxious, and I recommend it to both ladies and gentlemen.”


This is Hair Luxious hair vitamins for hair growth

Each Hair Luxious hair tablet contains 25 vegan vitamins, minerals, and natural extracts that are particularly beneficial for the hair and the body. Some of the active ingredients are vitamins for thinning hair and include:

Biotin: Contributes to normal hair growth

Natural silicon from horsetail and millet extract: Strengthens hair and nails

Copper: Contributes to normal pigmentation of skin and hair

Selenium and zinc: Maintain hair

Vitamin B12 and iron: Play a role in the cell division process

Hair Luxious is available for both men and women


Sara also tells her clients about Hair Luxious.


“Just today, I recommended it to a female client who was going through a period of stress and had lost a lot of hair. Many have tried other supplements and vitamins for hair growth before but didn’t experience any effect until they started with Hair Luxious vegan vitamins for hair loss.”

And this is precisely why she recommends Hair Luxious – she sees that it works.

“It’s because this vegan multivitamin for hair helps from the inside, which is where the hair is made. So, if your hair is weak from the inside, all the products in the world won’t help on the outside.”

Do you want to add extra strength and shine to your hair? Then check out Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner for strong hair.


This is Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner

With Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner, you get ingredients that clean, nourish, and strengthen – while also providing extra shine, moisture, and softer hair. Here are some of the nutrients and vitamins for hair growth:

Bio Capigen Veg V2: Makes the hair shinier and improves hair texture

Soy protein: Provides moisture and counteracts dry skin

Wheat protein: Treats dry and damaged hair, and reduces hair loss

Arginine: Has a soothing effect on the scalp

Sweet almond oil: Makes dry and irritated scalps soft

I notice that my hair becomes thicker with Hair Luxious

It’s one thing for customers to buy Hair Luxious hair growth tablets, shampoo, and conditioner. But, the big question is whether they come back and buy more of these vegan vitamins for hair loss.

“My customers always come back and buy more, and it’s simply because they experience improvement. I wouldn’t have it in my salon if I had any doubts, and the proof that this is a genuine hair vitamins product is that it’s also sold in pharmacies. No customers have ever told me that Hair Luxious doesn’t work,” Linn says.

Sara adds that some customers see changes almost immediately, while for others, it may take 3 to 4 months – but everyone experiences the effect sooner or later.

“They say that their hair has become thicker, fresher, and healthier. So when customers are with me, they always buy two or three boxes of the best vitamins for hair growth to make sure they don’t run out.”

“Since you have so much good to say about Hair Luxious – do you use it yourself?”

“I’ve just started. That’s why I’m very excited to see what effect it will have on me and when I’ll notice it,” Sara says.

Linn has been a fan of Hair Luxious for many years.

“I know it’s good, and I and several family members use it – I took two tablets just this morning. And I do it because I have typical hair that has been chemically treated a lot, and in addition, I have breastfed three children. With Hair Luxious, I feel that my hair becomes thicker, especially around the temples,” says Linn before concluding:

“That’s why I can recommend it to my customers – I have personally experienced the positive effect Hair Luxious has on the health of my hair.”

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Linn and Sara’s top three tips for healthy, beautiful, and strong hair:


  • Use the right products for your hair – ask your hairdresser what it needs
  • Treat your hair with a mask about every other week
  • Avoid unnecessary heat tools – use heat protection only if necessary