More people should know about this hair vitamin because it works!

Tom Sundal Aguirre relies on his appearance but had little faith that a dietary supplement could help him get thicker, stronger and healthier hair – and reduce hair loss. It only took a few weeks before he changed his mind.

“I have a lot of hair and a beard, but it gets rough treatment in my line of work. That’s why I started losing a lot of hair,” Tom says.

The 48-year-old from Kristiansand is a consultant and film producer, and he works both in front of and behind the camera. He’s also an influencer with a specialization in the Viking era. His, more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, mostly see him in Viking clothing and surroundings – long hair and a robust beard are essential to appear authentic.

“When we’re filming, there’s a lot of strain on the hair. I usually braid it, and then I noticed that every time I took it out, a large amount of hair fell out. Eventually, it became so much that I thought I had to do something about it.”

The solution was Hair Luxious

Lost less hair with Hair Luxious

By chance, he saw an advertisement for the hair vitamin, Hair Luxious. The Norwegian-developed and vegan dietary supplement consists of 25 vitamins, minerals and natural extracts formulated to nourish the body and hair from the inside.

Tom thought he could try Hair Luxious, even though he was initially sceptical that a vegan dietary supplement could help him promote healthy hair growth.

 “Just a few weeks later, I noticed that I was losing less hair. After a while, I thought the difference was so significant that more people should know about it – because Hair Luxious works! At least, that’s been my experience.”

He has now been using Hair Luxious vitamins for hair growth for two years and is very satisfied with his healthy hair.

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It’s important to take care of your hair

“I’m an adult man with a full beard and long hair, and I rely on my appearance. I had good hair growth initially, but I also train in martial arts and wash my hair frequently, so it gets worn in all directions. That’s why it’s essential for me to take care of it as properly as possible,” Tom explains.

Now his days are spent making a short film about the events leading up to the Battle of Hafrsfjord in 872 when Harald Fairhair united Norway into one kingdom. He says there is enormous international interest in the Viking era, and when he recreates the period, his hair and beard are vital.

“Our Saturday comes from the Vikings’ ‘laugardag’, which means washing day. We know from written sources that the Vikings took good care of themselves, grooming their hair and beards. They were also meticulous about their teeth, used cosmetics, and were among the cleanest people in Europe at the time,” Tom says before concluding with a smile:

“So you shouldn’t rule out that the real Vikings might have used Hair Luxious too.”

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