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It’s not only men who experience thinning hair. Many women also face the same issue over shorter or longer periods. Since thinning hair in women is less common, it can be more distressing when it occurs than it is for men. Fortunately, there is something that can help – as it did for Anna.

On weekdays, 24-year-old Anna Holmedal studies horticulture at Vea, Norway’s green vocational school in Moelv. When the weekend approaches, she hops into her car and drives nearly 50 miles home to Ørland – a journey of over seven hours.

As a gardener, it’s practical to have a ponytail, but as Anna noticed, it takes a toll on her hair.

“I’ve always struggled with thin and split ends, but a while ago, I started losing it too. I don’t know the reason, but it’s probably because my hair is delicate and simply can’t handle a ponytail.”

Not surprisingly, losing hair was bothersome for her.

“This is something I’ve thought a lot about. It’s not fun, and I don’t really like having my hair in a ponytail because it looks even thinner and more split. Because of this, my hair has made me insecure at times.”

Anna is not alone in feeling this way – approximately half of all women will experience thinning hair and hair loss during their lives. This can cause insecurity and low self-esteem. It’s an issue that usually feels more challenging for women than men. This is simply because traditionally, long, beautiful hair has been more common for women making hair loss more visible. Moreover, thinning hair is often associated with males and masculinity.

It is said that glossy hair is a woman’s adornment. It’s self-evident that losing it can be dramatic.

A noticeable difference in six weeks

Anna tried many methods to get stronger and thicker hair, but…

“I tested various shampoos and conditioners that were supposed to be good and of high quality, but none of them worked.”

She did a lot of research online, and it was especially the ads for a multivitamin for hair product that appeared frequently – the popular hair supplement Hair Luxious that piqued her interest. This is a vegan multivitamin, so anyone can take it. Anna, like many others, had reservations surrounding Hair Luxious, questioning how a dietary supplement could help with thinning hair. Eventually, she chose to order it.

“It didn’t take more than six weeks before I saw and felt a difference. I had braided my hair and noticed a lot of baby hairs I had never seen before. Then I realised that the hair underneath had started to grow out. Now, I’ve been taking one capsule for hair growth every morning and evening for almost a year, and my hair has become much stronger and thicker.


This is Hair Luxious healthy hair vitamins

Each Hair Luxious capsule contains 25 vegan vitamins for hair growth, minerals, and natural extracts that are extra beneficial for healthy hair and the body. Here are some of the active ingredients:

– Biotin: Contributes to normal hair growth

– Natural silicon from horsetail and millet extract: Strengthens hair and nails

– Copper: Contributes to normal pigmentation of skin and hair

– Selenium and zinc: Maintains hair

– Vitamin B12 and iron: Play a role in the cell division process

Hair Luxious is available for both him and her



Women are more afraid of hair loss

Impuls Hairdresser is located in Svelvik, and here we find the owner, Aase Lillelien. She nods in agreement with what Anna is saying and mentions several reasons why people get thinner hair, and in some cases, start losing it.

“This can be stress and external influences, the use of medication, and sudden weight loss. In addition, it’s about how you are mentally. Hair follicles are a microorgan and, like other organs in the body, need extra nourishment at times, for instance, when breastfeeding. When the hair doesn’t get nourishment, it drops from the hair follicles.”

“Do women and men handle hair loss differently?”

“Yes, women are more afraid of hair loss, while being more open about it if it happens. Besides, they are better at seeking help. There are more men who get thinner hair, and they are a bit like “No, I don’t care” – and then they do care anyway.”

Impressed by the beautiful hair of the customer

Perhaps men would care if they knew how easy it can be to regain a luxurious mane? Aase sees (almost daily) the positive effects Hair Luxious has on her customers and their hair.

“The first thing that often happens with those who take Hair Luxious is that the loss of hair decreases. Then they often notice that it starts to itch on the scalp, and that’s a good sign that the hair is on its way back. Over time, the hair becomes stronger and thicker, and it can withstand more.”

And of course, she recommends Hair Luxious to the customers in the salon.

“Yes, I do. If I bring something into the salon, it has to be the best. I had a customer who already bought these vitamins for hair growth online, and when I saw her hair, I asked, “What’s happening?” She had started with Hair Luxious, so there was no reason not to order it – and I am very satisfied.”

Aase also tells us about an 80-year-old customer who had started to lose her hair, and one day they had to order a wig for her.

“So, I asked if she knew about Hair Luxious. I said I couldn’t guarantee the result, but I think it’s worth trying. Now she has almost all her hair back, and she doesn’t need a wig anymore.”

“Do you use Hair Luxious yourself?”

“No, I have far too thick hair! But I have a son-in-law and a son who use Hair Luxious For Him.”

Want extra strength and shine in your hair? Check out Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner.


This is Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner

With Hair Luxious shampoo and conditioner, you get ingredients that clean, care for, and strengthen – while also providing extra shine, moisture, and softer hair. Here are some of the nutrients:

– Bio Capigen Veg V2: Makes the hair shinier and improves hair texture

– Soy protein: Provides moisture and prevents dry skin

– Wheat protein: Treats dry and damaged hair and reduces hair loss

– Arginine: Has a soothing effect on the scalp

– Almond kernel oil: Makes dry and irritated scalp soft

Very satisfied with Hair Luxious

Something Anna appreciates about her “new” hair is that it’s not just her who notices a difference; others see it too.

“I’ve always been the one with thin, blonde hair, and now it’s very clear that it’s much fuller and healthier. In addition, I’ve changed my habits so that my hair doesn’t get worn out as much; for example, I mostly use hairpins. And I don’t dry my hair with a towel; I squeeze it with a T-shirt since it causes less wear.”

She adds that she is very satisfied with Hair Luxious and her hair. And she has a little encouragement for those with thin hair who still haven’t tried it.

“I can safely recommend Hair Luxious. To everyone who has had hair loss like I have, to those who feels insecure with thin and split hair, and wants it healthier and fuller – just try it.”

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