Hairdresser showing the effect of best-selling hair vitamins

“I saw with my own eyes how quickly the hair grew back”

This product has already made waves in the salon world, with more and more hairdressers discovering hair vitamins that create a new level of quality in hair care treatments.

Hair dresser about the effect of Hair Luxious

Hair stylist, Malene Stølen, is the founder and owner of Meraki Studio, which has two branches in Oslo. The salon on Lassons gate opened in 2016, while the salon at Aker Brygge opened in 2022. She was one of the hair experts on “Brand New in 100 Minutes,” which aired on TV 2 a few years ago. She has also worked on several well-known music videos and commercials. Over the years, Malene has participated in many hairdressing competitions and has even become the national champion.

Exclusively positive feedback from customers

When asked why she chose to include Hair Luxious in her salon, she responded without hesitation.

“It’s been many years since I added Hair Luxious to our range. I personally tested it and also had many regular customers who used the hair vitamin tablets,” she says.

“I also saw with my own eyes how quickly the hair grew back with Hair Luxious vitamins for hair loss. It’s a very good product for anyone who struggles with hair loss for various reasons.”

CTA Hair Luxious
Hairdresser Malene showing the results of Hair Luxious hair vitamins on customer
How long it takes before you notice a difference after starting with Hair Luxious, depends on how fast your hair naturally grows.

“Usually, hair grows one centimetre a month, but this can vary. If the hair is completely gone and the follicle has to build an entirely new hair, it can take anywhere from one to three months before you’ll notice the results,” she explains.

The feedback from her customers is unanimously positive.

“My customers are very satisfied with Hair Luxious. This applies to everyone who has tried it. I can see the result myself too, especially if they have been good at taking the hair vitamin tablets regularly. I always recommend Hair Luxious along with various hair products that help hair growth for customers who are struggling with unwanted hair loss,” she says.

Hair Luxious Tablets for Her and Him
Hair Luxious Tablets for Her and Him

Hair Luxious works equally well for both women and men, the difference in the hair growth tablets is the addition of iron for women.

A unique product in a global context

Hair Luxious is a unique hair vitamins product, actually the only one of its kind in the world. It is the unique composition of over 20 nutrients and natural extracts that make the hair healthier and stronger.

“We noticed significant deficiencies early on in competing products, and started to put together the formula that has today become Norway’s most sold hair vitamins online and in pharmacies. Of course, it’s fun to see that Hair Luxious has been so well received, not just in Norway, but also in much of Europe,” says Frode Hundseth, CEO of Good For Me AS.

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